Pet Friendly

We welcome well behaved pets at Braid Hills and understand that all pets are an extension of your family. We endeavour to provide an enjoyable experience your pets during your stay. 

For the comfort and safety of all guests and dogs, we kindly request that all dog owners act responsibly with their pets.

Pet Charges + Terms & Conditions

  • Dogs will be charged at £20 per night, per dog.
  • Maximum of two dogs per room.
  • When dogs are in the hotel public areas and grounds, please ensure they remain on a lead.
  • Pets should not be left alone at any given time within the property,
  • Inclusive of the hotel car park and should be provided with enough walks and outings whilst staying at the hotel.
  • Guests are responsible for picking up any dog waste on the hotel grounds. Should your pet soil or cause any damage to any part of the
    hotel, the guest will be charged accordingly.
  • Pets are not allowed in our main restaurant or bathrooms. To dine with your dog, designated areas in our lounge or bar can be used.
  • We recommend advance reservation for any meals.
  • Braid Hills Hotel does not take any responsibility for your pet’s welfare whilst staying in the hotel, or any third-party local pet sitting services arranged by the guest.
  • Guests have ultimate responsibility for any personal injuries or property damage related to their Pet(s).
  • Braid Hills Hotel reserves the right to remove any guests, (without refund) whose pets are deemed noisy or disruptive to other hotel guests and users.